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About Us

Zen Yoga Garage About Yes, Zen Yoga Garage is a workout facility. It’s also a place to meet like-minded people and be social, as well as a place for finding oneself in the urban jungle. We offer a one-of-a-kind wellness community and spa environment. It’s more than stretching. It’s pushing the limits of one’s body; twisting, jumping, doing headstands, and then reaping the rewards of relaxation, balance, and overall wellness.


Zen Yoga Garage has lockers, showers, and amenities available for free. Towels and Mats are available to rent for $1 each.


Pay parking is available on Milwaukee Avenue. Parking is metered on Sundays from 10am-8pm and all other days 8am-10pm. There is non-permit parking on nearby side streets (Cortland, Moffat, Oakley, Wilmot, and Wolcott). From December 1 to April 1, Milwaukee is an emergency snow route, so there is no parking from 3AM to 7AM if there are two or more inches of snow. The car wash next door will gladly wash your car and valet it safely in either paid parking or non-permit while you are in class.